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Fabric Shopping in Vienna

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Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago, I went to Vienna for a long weekend, to visit family. As all my family members had to work on Friday, I had a lot of time to walk around the city on that day – and of course check out some fabric shops! Be warned: I took A LOT of pictures, so this is a looooong post. If you’re not interested in the details of all the shops, you can just skip to the end of the post to an overview and the shop addresses! My first stop was the fabric store “Stoffkeller” at Ennsgasse 7. I actually walked past it because there is neither a store sign nor a typical fabric store window decoration – but they do have a solid selection of wovens and jerseys in all kind of colours. There are also a couple of “special” fabrics like lace or chiffon, and a huge selection of buttons. The store itself is not exactly charming, but I think that might be because they are more focused on the online side of their business. There was a fabric photo shoot going on while I was there, that was quite interesting to watch! So, if you are in the area, “Stoffkeller” is a good address to stop by – but I wouldn’t actually especially go there.

The entry to “Stoffkeller”
Fabric selection at “Stoffkeller”
Button selection at “Stoffkeller”
Special fabrics at “Stoffkeller”: Sequins!

Before going on to my next destination, I decided to stop for a late breakfast at the beautiful café “Motto am Fluss”. I can highly recommend a stop there! The view is great, just on the river, and the breakfast selection is vast and yummy. After enjoying my coffee, I took the metro to exit stop for “Stoffsalon”. And walking down the street towards the store, I made a surprise discovery: “Guate Stoffe“, a store that sells fabric from Guatemala and all kinds of thinks made from that fabric (starting at bags and stopping at hammocks!). “Guate Stoffe” isn’t your typical fabric store, but I thought I’d highlight them anyway because it’s such a special place!


A couple of minutes walk further on, I arrived at my second intentional stop, “Stoffsalon” at Westbahnhofstrasse 38. Such a charming place! They have a good selection of organic fabrics, beautiful wovens and a couple of “specialitites” like the Atelier Brunette collection. Also, “Stoffsalon” offers quite a big selection of sewing books and patterns by indie designers like Fritzi schnittreif. My highlight was the Merchant and Mill sewing box – too expensive to just take away like that, but beautiful! I decided to rather invest in a pattern by Fritzi schnittreif, the dress “Frau Fannie” – that had been on my wishlist for quite some time anyway. The store owner and me started talking about sewing books, and she recommend a specialized bookstore, the “Werkbuch-Café”. I visited the place a couple of days later – and if you are interested in (German) DIY books, this is a great place!! However, the selection of English books is quite small, so if you don’t speak German, I’d skip it.

Window decoration with Merchant & Mills
Organic fabrics at “Stoffsalon”
Sewing book selection at “Stoffsalon”
Atelier Brunette!

But back to my fabric shopping tour: After “Stoffsalon” I went on to “Komolka” – my expectations were high, “Komolka” is a kind of myth in the German/Austrian sewing community. And let me tell you, I was not let down. If there is a fabric heaven, I am sure it looks like “Komolka”. Beautiful fabric everywhere – wovens, jerseys, chiffons, lace, leather, quilting cotton, African wax prints… whatever fabric you have always wanted to buy, I am sure “Komolka” has it. Plus a HUGE selection of notions – I was completely overwhelmed! In the end I settled for two meters of tropical cotton from the bargain table – my fabric stash is overflowing as it is, and I am regularly in Vienna, so all the more reason to come back! So, if you only have time for one fabric shopping stop in Vienna, I would definitely choose “Komolka”.

African decoration in the entrance of Komolka in Vienna
Fun icecream Print and matching lace
African Wax Print Fabric
Dirndl fabric
Fabric for the pet lover
Wouldn’t know how to sew this one up – but very impressive nonetheless!
Even the lace is special at Komolka

My last stop on the list was “Habari”. “Habari” isn’t a real fabric store, but rather an interior store. But I had read that they have a nice selection of African and Asian fabric, so I headed there anyway. And they do offer a very nice selection – not very big and quite pricey, but if the typical African wax prints are too colourful for you, you might find something nice at “Habari”. Plus, it’s basically around the corner from “Komolka”, so it’s only a quick detour!


But now, as promised, my overview of fabric stores in Vienna:

Ennsgasse 7-12, 1020 Wien (22. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Monday through Fridy 8:30-12:30 and 15:00-18:00, Saturday: 08:30-12:00

Guate Stoffe
Westbahnstrasse 37, 1070 Wien (7. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Mo-Fr 10-18:00, Sa 10-14:00

Westbahnstrasse 38, 1070 Wien (7. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Mo, Tu, Wed and Fr 10-18:00, Thu 10-20, Sa 10-14:00

Mariahilfer-Strasse 58, 1070 (6. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Mo-Sa 9:30-18:00

Theobaldgasse 16, 1060 Wien (6. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Mo-Thu 11-19:00, Fr 10-19:00, Sa 10-17:00

Haidgasse 5/7, 1020 Wien (2. Bezirk)
Opening hours: Tue-Fr 8-12:00 and 14-18:00, Sa 10-14:00

Do you know any other great places to shop fabric in or around Vienna? If so, please leave a comment and I’ll check it out next time I am there!

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  1. Thank you for this overview!
    I’m going to Vienna next week and I’m hoping to visit some fabric shops!

    1. Melanie

      Oh, have fun! I am actually visiting right now and will stop by Komolka later! Have fun!

      1. Thank you! 😀

  2. Osagie excel

    Fun fun fun all the way. I would like to visit some of the places you mentioned to shop Africa wax.

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