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Fabric Shopping in Paris

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Hello all!

A couple of weeks ago, I spent a long weekend in Paris. Such a great city! My husband and I were visiting a friend – but I wanted to make time to visit at least one fabric store. I researched a little before we went, to make sure that I picked the right store – and in the end I chose the  Lil Weasel. For all of you who plan to spend more time fabric shopping in Paris: I have summarized my research at the end of this post, so you can use it to make your own fabric shopping itinerary!

But back to the shop of my choice: the Lil Weasel are actually two stores, across from each other in a beautiful Parisian art deco passage. One store offers fabric, trimmings, notions, patterns, books and everything else that makes a sewist’s heart beat faster – and the other store specializes in yarn and knitting equipment. Both stores are extremely well sorted and beautifully decorated. My favorite was the fabric store (of course J), I only quickly browsed the knitting store. But my knitting friend who was accompanying me, told me that it’s a great store as well!

Lil Weasel's entrance

A peek into Parisian fabric store Lil Weasel.

Lil Weasel's wool department is beautifully decorated

Lil Weasel’s fabrics are all quality fabrics. You probably won’t find any bargains, but if you are looking for solid quality for a decent price tag, this is the perfect store. There is a wide selection of dressmaking fabrics, stretch as well as wovens. And they have the biggest selection of Liberty fabrics that I have seen so far (haven’t looked in the UK, though, I am guessing that they are in big supply there as well!). Beautiful, beautiful designs! I also loved their selection of patterns – I am mostly sewing from PDF patterns at the moment, so looking at paper pattern packaging from indie designers was quite a treat! Lil Weasel has a couple of them on offer, like Tilly And The Buttons or Pauline Alice. Some of the designers I had never heard of – so in the name of research I had to buy a pattern. I chose one from Pauline Alice, the Ninot Jacke. I restrained myself with fabric in turn and only bought a grey cotton lawn with silver dots. I forgot to look at the designer, so now it’s mystery fabric for me!

Lil Weasel's fabric selection

Lil Weasels bias tapes

Lil Weasel's pattern selection

Lil Weasel Fabric and Pauline Alice Pattern

I think I will make a Mimi blouse from Tilly and The Button’s book “Love at First Stitch” – the pattern popped into my mind when I looked at the fabric. So let’s see if that works out! As promised, I have listed my fabric store research below – Lil Weasel is definitely worth a visit, but you might find some other interesting „fabric destinations“!

Lil Weasel – my store of choice is located in the Passage Cerf, you’ll find more information on the facebook page of Lil Weasel 

Le Marché Saint Pierre – my French friend recommended this shop;  their website looks great, but unfortunately I didn’t make it there

Seamworker’s Guide to Paris – in this blogpost, American sewing teacher Christine Hayes reports in detail about her favorite fabric shopping spots in Paris 

Fabric Shopping in Paris with Tilly and The Buttons – Tilly Walnes went fabric hunting in Paris as well and lists her stops in this blogpost zusammengefasst (auf Englisch)

Marais/Montmatre, rund um Metro Sentier – while strolling the streets, we passed by the area around Rue Saint-Denis and Rue Rambuteau; one fabric store after another! Unfortunately, it was a bank holiday, so everything was closed. I researched a little once we were back at home, and found out that most resellers are located in this area. Some also sell to individuals, but it’s probably asking before you make your choice!

Montmartre um Sacre Coeur – right around the metro station near the steps up towards the church, there are a couple of fabric stores that sell beautiful silks and sari material. The fabrics looked gorgeous, but at ~50€/m they weren’t cheap. But there were a couple of bargain bins, so it’s worth checking them out.

If you have more tips on fabric shopping in Paris, feel free and leave a comment for everyone to enjoy!

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