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Fabric Shopping in Munich

Diesen Post gibt es auch auf Deutsch!

Alex from Sewrendipity recently launched the #fabricshoppingontour project. And since I have already written about fabric shopping on my trips to Edinburgh and Vienna, Alex’s site inspired me to write a post about fabric shopping in my home town Munich! There are so many nice fabric shops here, that I have decided to split the post into two parts. But let’s start with part 1! For all those of you who are only interested in the addresses: you can find these at the end of the post.

My very favourite fabric store in Munich is Stoff&Co. Stoff&Co has two shops, one in Max-Vorstadt and one in Giesing. I like this shop so much because they have a nice selection of clothes making fabric, and not only kiddie prints or patchwork fabric (Munich fabric stores seem very prone to stocking the latter two). Also, French owner Berengère offers a portfolio of Liberty fabrics – so far, I haven’t seen them anywhere else in Munich. If you’re not only looking for fabric, but also for notions you might get lucky at Stoff & Co as well. It’s not a “notions shop”, but there are lots of ribbons, zippers and the like on display. Ask for their selection of Burda paper patterns – they stock almost everything that’s in the catalogue, but you do have to ask. If you are staying in Munich for a little longer, speak some German and are interested in doing a sewing course: Stoff & Co has a beautiful little studio in which they teach beginners classes as well as Burda classes!

Those of you that prefer fabric for kids and/or patchwork fabric might want to visit Il Coccolino in the Westend. They stock the nicest prints, as well as a good selection of Swafing designs (lots of solid colours there). The opening hours might seem a little constricted, but owner Claudia Geiser is very flexible. I called ahead, and she actually stayed in the shop beyond opening hours so I could visit! It’s worth mentioning that Il Coccolino not only stocks fabric, but is also a Bernina partner. So there are several sewing/embroidery machines on display (and of course, for sale!).

You will find an amazing selection of special fabrics (lots of them organic) at Das Blaue Tuch in Schwabing. Their fabrics are not exactly cheap, but they offer just about everything you can think of: Voile, tweed, canvas, linen or silk. Some of these are hard to come by in Munich, so Das Blaue Tuch is a great address if you are looking for something special! They also stock a wide variety of designer prints, so even you don’t want to buy anything, just browsing and looking at the beautiful prints is lots of fun!

Tawakl in the city center offers a slightly unusual fabric shopping experience (at least for Munich). The shop is located in the basement of the Mathäser Cinema at Stachus – you’ll find it if you go into the entrance for the cinema and then take the escalators down. Tawakl specializes in bargain oriental fabrics – lots of poly, but a great colour selection! I bought the pink fabric for my Hot Pink Crepe Dress there. If you’re right in the city, this is definitely a shop worth visiting. However, I wouldn’t go out of my way to travel there from afar.

Also right in the city center, you’ll find Quilt & Textilkunst. As the name indicates, the shop specializes in quilting supplies, but they also have a small clothes making selection. I bought the Kenny Swafing Jersey for my Toaster #2 here! My favorite bit about the shop is the wide selection of sewing and quilting books – however, if you don’t speak German, probably not so interesting for you…

In December 2017, Stoff & Stil opened a shop in Munich. The Danish label offers a great selection of their own designs, and the Munich shop is quite big. However, it is a little difficult to get there by public transport – but if you have a car, I definitely recommend going!

Not very charming, but a treasure trove is the fabric department at the department store Karstadt at Hauptbahnhof (central station). They have a little too much polyester for my liking, but you are able to find nice solid-coloured jerseys, linings, Dirndl fabric and a lot of the times great bargains/special pieces (if you look around a little). Plus, the shop is smack-bang in the city center, so great if you only have a short train stopover, for example. To get to the fabric department, go into the entrance facing the train station and then head up to “3. OG” – you’ll be standing right in the middle of the fabrics!

Last but not least I’d like to recommend a store that’s a little on the outskirts of the city: L.T.S. Stoffe in Haar. It’s very close to the train station, so you can easily go there by public transport (S-Bahn). L.T.S. started out as a designer fabric outlet, but is now open also to the public. The shop is located in a farmer barn, and it’s a three-storey fabric heaven! There seems to be nothing that they don’t have – the shelves are filled with cotton, jerseys, French terry, silk, coat fabrics, wool, lining, Dirndl fabrics, taffeta, voile, viscose, rayon…. As well as loads of buttons, ribbons, zippers and other notions. I treated myself to a visit on my birthday last year, and it was soooo worth it!! Plus, a lot of the times, they have items on sale, so you can get great bargains!

That’s it for part 1 of Fabric Shopping in Munich. There are lots of other nice stores in and around Munich, and I’ll introduce them to you in another post. However, I’ll call them out quickly, in case you are visiting Munich before I get to my second post ;-): Kokonille in Neuhausen has a small, but very nice selection, Stoffzirkus in Haidhausen specializes in fabric for kids, and if you are not afraid of a little chaos, you can find wonderful things at Stoffboutique in Giesing. Arts in Fabrics (city center!) offers an amazing selection of high-quality fabrics (think Haute Couture!), whereas Radspieler (also city center) is a good address if you are looking for interior fabric (curtains, pillows and the like). The Mercerie in Neuhausen has mostly wool, but also a small fabric selection – and while you’re there, you could stop by the Perlerie to pick up some buttons and glass perls! And if you happen to be heading towards the towns west of Munich: Do stop by Stoffe Eggert in Fürstenfeldbruck. They’ve got a great selection at comparably cheap prices, and an amazing portfolio of Dirndl fabrics! (I got all the supplies for my hand-sewn Dirndl there)

As promised, here are the addresses for the shops from this post – have fun shopping and tell me about your experiences with fabric shopping in Munich!

Augustenstrasse 76 (Maxvorstadt) and Humboldstrasse 22 (Giesing)
Opening Hours Augustenstrasse: Mo and Sa 10-16:30, Tue-Fr 10-19 (Wed from 10:30)
Opening Hours Humboldstrasse: Mo closed, Tue-Fr 10-19, Sa 10-16:30

Il Coccolino
Schwanthalerstr. 168 (Westend)
Opening Hours: Tue 11-16, Wed 10-14, Thu 10-20, Fr 10-16, Sa 10-13

Das Blaue Tuch
Siegesstrasse 21 (Schwabing)
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10-18:30, Sa 11-16:30

Schillerstrasse 4A, Entrance via Mathäser Cinema, take escalator to underground floor (city center)
Opening Hours: Mo-Sa 9:30-20

Quilt & Textilkunst
Sebastianplatz 4 (city center)
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 10-18, Sa 10-16

Stoff & Stil
Margot-Kalinke-Straße 4 (SUMA-Center in Schwabing-Freimann)
Opening Hours: Mo-Sa 10-20 Uhr

Karstadt am Hauptbahnhof
Bahnhofplatz 7, Stoffabteilung im 3. OG (Innenstadt)
Opening Hours: Mo-Sa 10-20 Uhr

L.T.S. Textilhandel
Bahnhofstrasse 5 (Haar)
Opening Hours: Mo-Fr 08:30-14 Uhr & 15-18:30 Uhr, Sa 9-14 Uhr

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  1. Thank you so much for this! I’m looking forward to reading part two and any other cities you have planned.

  2. I used to buy fabric in Oberpollinger but I’ve heard they closed down the department there. I bought some amazing remnants in Kartstatt too but had to rummage around to find the gems. I miss Munich but there is a chance we may be moving back soon!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Joanna, yes, unfortunately Oberpollinger closed down their fabric section… If you move back, give a shout! I organize regular sewing Blogger meet-ups, you are very welcome to join! Cheers, Melanie

  3. eileen doyle

    I am traveling to Munich in September. Looking primarily for historically correct fabrics. Any tips for that? Also do you know of any stores with weaving supplies? Thanks!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Eileen, I am not so sure what you mean with “Historically correct fabrics”. Do you mean Trachten fabrics? Wolle Rödel has some weaving supplies, I think, they have some stores in Munich. Also, Die Mercerie might have some weaving Things. You can find Trachtenfabrics at Stoffe Egert, but that is in Fürstenfeldbruck, a Little outside of Munich! Cheers, Melanie

  4. Thank you very much for this post, i’m visiting Munich for a couple of weeks and look forward to check out some of the shops you mentioned here.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Aida, I hope you enjoy Munich!!! If you are right in the city center, Quilt Et Textil Kunst is really worth visiting, they are right behind Marienplatz and have a nice selection of quilting and Dressmaking fabrics!

  5. Natasha

    Hi… I know your post mentioned specially the stores having kiddie stuff and I am really looking for some nice baby prints, not only in Jersey but 100% cotton. I am visiting Munich in couple of days and might have just the time to do some shopping for baby projects. I am actually looking for collection in plausch fabric…the softest cuddly ones possible

    1. Melanie

      Hi Natasha, you might find fabric like that at Stoffzirkus in Haidhausen! Stoff & Co also sometimes has the plush fabric, but not Always! Have fun fabric Shopping! Cheers, Melanie

  6. Ann Isobe

    HI! I will be traveling to Munich this December and and I am interested in a store that has a large selection of brocade and damask fabric for recovering some antique chairs. I have limited time and was wondering if you could suggest some stores to me? Thank you!

    1. Melanie

      Hi Ann, hm, that’s not that easy – I mostly shop clothing fabric. You might find a small selection at Arts in Fabrics, but I’d check their website first. Sorry that I don’t have any better tips!

  7. Emma Smith

    We’re going to Mu in next month, and I’ve just stumbled on your blog post. This is going to be very useful 😀

    1. Melanie

      Thank you Emma, and have fun in Munich!

  8. Emma Smith

    Loving this list. We’re in Munich on holiday and I’m looking up each of these to see which ones I can fit in 😀

    1. Melanie

      I hope you have fun!!

  9. Shelley MacGregor

    Hello! Sorry to say, I found Il Coccolino is not there anymore. Walked there this morning and no shop.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Shelley,
      sorry that you were disappointed! I checked with the owner, they have moved to Laim, another part of Munich! Cheers, Melanie

  10. Ana

    Thank you soooo much for your great blog and project ! That helps so much!
    Thanks also for the link to sewrendipity project wich is amazing as I am also a sewist traveler that, for my job, goes from city to city and I am always looking for the „fabric-stores-tour“ 😉

    Thanks again


    1. Melanie

      Hi Ana, thanks for your nice words!!

  11. Jennifer Barber

    Hi Melanie, My name is Jennifer and am an avid sewer from Australia. I am currently living in the UK since October 2017. I am finally able to afford to travel this year and I am planning to go to Munich next month (March 2020). I am interested in seeing the castles Neuschwanstein and Linderhof and to explore Munich for fabric shops. I enjoy making my own clothes, am not a quilter, and have recently made a cream pair of corduroy women’s trousers (called long pants in Australia). I am so looking forward to visiting your country.

    1. Melanie

      Hi Jennifer, thanks for your comment! I hope you enjoy your trip – Neuschwanstein is amazing! There is a short hike you can take to reach a bridge with an amazing view on to the castle, it’s definitely worth while doing! Have fun fabric shopping, too!

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