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Toaster #2 – The ever-lasting project

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In my last post about my Molly Top, I told you about my chaotic sewing planning. And how projects that I wanted to start right after buying the pattern tend to take ages… My Toaster #2 sweater from SewHouse7 is another great example for my inability to plan my sewing projects! I fell in love with the pattern straight from the start, when SewHouse7 released it. I love that neckline!!!

When the German blogger nähconnection offered both Toaster #1 and Toaster #2 in a „cozy sweater bundle“ (together with the Opal Cardigan and Jasper Sweater from Paprika Pattern), I took the opportunity to buy the pattern. And then I somehow I got side-tracked by Toaster #1… so instead of making my Toaster #2, I sewed up two Toaster #1s (one in summer sweat, and one in a really cozy sweat fabric)! By the time I had finished those two, spring had arrived, and my need for sweaters diminished. So the Toaster #2 pattern went into hibernation…

Until a couple weeks back, when I came across the „Kenny“ jersey from Swafing in a local fabric shop. I had been eyeing that fabric for some time online, and when I got to touch it in the store, I was instantly sold on the idea of a „Kenny“ Toaster #2. So I quickly scooped up the fabric, threw it straight into the wash and proceeded to cut out the pieces. I finished it on the same afternoon – and as always: I can’t understand what took me so long! I love my Toaster! The sweater sews up very quickly, as there are only four pattern pieces: the back and front bodice, and the sleeves. 

The collar is constructed by simply folding over the bodice fabric, so no additional pattern pieces are needed. Very simple, and very effective! The only thing I am not so happy about is the length of the sweater. I had read on other blogs that it is really short – but as I usually have to shorten my patterns by at least 5cm (~2 inches), and I am only 1,58m (5‘‘2 feet), I thought it would work out fine on me. I even measured the pattern piece and felt confident it would work. But even on me, it’s very short!

On my next version, I will lenghten the whole thing by 2cm or so (~1 inch), I think I will feel more comfortable then. I don’t like showing off my belly button every time I lift my arms! But apart from that, I am in love. I am also happy the way the pattern placement worked out… and by „pattern placement“ I mean me not paying attention to that when cutting, so it was pure luck that the birds are not highlighting any unfortunate body parts. My Toaster #2 had its first official outing last weekend at a sewing retreat, and since I got a lot of compliments on it, I am sure to make another. But now, on to the Flying Needle sewing blog summary:

Pattern: Toaster #2 from SewHouse7

Fabric: Jersey „Kenny“ from Swafing

Changes made: none! But next time I will lenghten the bodice by about 2cm (1inch)

Summary: I really like the unusual neckline of Toaster #2. And I think I want to try sewing it up in another type of fabric to see how the neckline behaves. „Kenny“ is a quite stable knit, I’d liked to try it in a Jacquard Jersey or something very slouchy. We will see!

What about you? Which type of fabric do you prefer for Toaster #2? Or are you a Toaster #1 fan?

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  1. It looks really lovely! I like the fabric a lot, it’s perfect for winter and autumn.

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