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Sorbetto and I

Hello all!

Well, what should I say. It’s not working out between Sorbetto and me. I’d even go as far as saying that it’s over. But let’s start at the beginning: I discovered the free Colette pattern for “Sorbetto” quite early in my sewing career. As probably all of you already know, the pattern comes with different views, with and without sleeves, with and without a center fold in the front. I really liked the version with the fold – it turns a rather basic top into something special, in my opinion. I downloaded Sorbetto, but never quite got round to actually sewing it. Until I saw a really cool cactus fabric in one of our local fabric stores back in May.

I didn’t buy the fabric because I was trying to be good about sewing from my stash. But (there is always a “but” when it comes to sewing from your stash ;-)), a couple of days later, the new motto for a German sewing challenge was announced: “Urban Jungle”. Somehow that made me think of the cactus fabric and Sorbetto. So I went back and bought the fabric (on closer look, the cactuses look more like berries or grapes, but who cares) and went to work on Sorbetto. And that’s when our differences startet to show…

Colette Pattern’s blocks obviously aren’t made for my body. I had to move the front darts up by 3cm, had to take out width in the front and back pieces (both on the fold and more graded on the side seams) and finally also had to shorten the whole thing. Luckily I had made a toile – but why I didn’t end it with Sorbetto there and then, is a mystery to me, especially while writing all of the changes down ;-). I guess I wanted to be able to tell myself that I had done everything possible to save our relationship…

So, when I was finally happy with the fit, I cut into my “cactus” fabric. On the positive side: it was great to cut and sew with; on the negative side: it’s stretch cotton, which is definitely not the right kind of fabric for Sorbetto. The top just kind of sits on my hips instead of flowing around my shape. But I told myself: That’s my fault, not Sorbetto’s. I made a wrong choice, so I can’t let it out on Sorbetto.

What was Sorbetto’s fault, however, were the instructions on finishing the whole thing with bias binding. I wanted to make the binding myself because all my store bought binding had the wrong weight – but let me tell you, stretch cotton is not made to be pulled through bias binding makers! NOT AT ALL! That’s when my patience with Sorbetto finally ran out – I threw the top on my UFO pile and went on to sew another “Urban Jungle” piece (my Alex Shirt Dress).

But on a quiet weekend not so long back, I decided to give Sorbetto another chance. We struggled through the bias binding together and had some bonding moments during that. But they didn’t last – our love didn’t grow any deeper with wearing Sorbetto. So I have decided to end it – the foto shoot for the blog post is our last activity together, after this we are going our separate ways. It just wasn’t meant to be…. So, no surprise, the Flying Needle Sewing Blog summary is not the most positive ever!

Pattern: Top Sorbetto from Colette Patterns (free PDF pattern)

Fabric: Stretch Cotton from one of our local fabric dealers

Changes made: A LOT! I changed the darts, took out a lot of width and shortened the top.

Summary: Sorbetto and I just aren’t the best fit. We tried it, but it didn’t work out. A big part of the problem might have been my wrong fabric choice – but there are so many other patterns that I would rather sew, so I don’t think I will give Sorbetto another try….

What are your experiences with Sorbetto? Did you face a similar challenge, or did the pattern work out nicely for you?



  1. It’s always a disappointment when a pattern fails, but like you said not every pattern is suitable for everyone. I made the Sorbetto top too although I’ve to say I used the first version. I also made a lot of changes so the original pattern was almost gone. Funny enough it still is one of favourites makes.

  2. I agree with Sonja, it is disappointing but you gave it your best and it happens to everyone. If we don’t try these things out we’ll never know.
    I haven’t made the Sorbetto top because I’m totally the wrong shape for it!

    1. Melanie

      Thanks, Liz – but I agree, it was a learning opportunity!

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