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I am not really into cardigans. During summer, I sometimes wear a little black cardi, when it’s too cold for a t-shirt and too warm for a sweater. But long cardigans? Nope, not me. The look always reminds me of my granddad – he liked to wear „these modern pieces“… don’t get me wrong, I really liked my granddad, I just never strove to dress like him ;-)! But along came the #cozycardichallenge organised by Rachel (@shesewsvintage), Nikki (@sodburysewing) and Amanda (@amandaturner1977).

And with it loads and loads of cardigan pictures in my Instagram feed and on the blogs I follow. And suddenly, those cardigans actually looked really stylish and comfy! When I discovered that I actually already owned the pattern for Paprika Pattern’s Opal Cardigan (bought as part of a pattern bundle and then forgotten), I decided to jump onto the band waggon. Isn’t it great how these challenges push you outside of your comfort zone? The same thing happened with the #sewtogetherforsummer challenge – I never really liked shirt dresses, and now I absolutely love my Alex Shirt Dress! But I’m babbling, let’s get back to Opal.

I picked up the fabric at one of our local shops, a very, very soft lightweight knit. I fell in love with the colour immediately, and while thinking about this blog post, I realized that I actually picked a fabric to go with the patterns name: Opal = a kind of turquoise green! Not intentionally at all, but still fun to discover!

Opal can be made in three lenghts: hip length, thigh length and a kind of coat length. Also, there are two different versions of pockets that you can choose from, depending on the length you make. I went for the hip length. Now, you will look at the pictures and think „What is she talking about, she clearly made the thigh length!“. Weeeeelll…. It seems that my measuring was a little off ;-).

I need to shorten almost every pattern I make (I am 5‘1‘‘), so I measured the hip length and concluded that taking out 3cm would bring the cardi to exactly the right length.  I do think that the fabric stretches itself out a little, but there is no way around admitting that I REALLY need to work on my measuring/calculating skills!

But well – after the initial shock it turns out that I quite like the length. Opal sews up quickly – Paprika Pattern’s instructions are very clear and easy to understand. Still, I managed to make a minor mistake: They recommend including a strip of jersey on the upper side of the pockets, as to keep them from stretching out. I didn’t really think that one through – I did include the jersey, but I didn’t stretch it while sewing, so now I just have an extra piece of fabric that does nothing to prevent the pockets from stretching out. Next time, next time…

First, I need to make a couple more T-Shirts to go with Opal! Let’s have a look at the Flying Needle Sewing Blog Summary:

Pattern: Cardigan Opal from Paprika Patterns

Fabric: lightweight knit from a local fabric store

Changes made: I shortened the hip length version by 3cm – clearly not enough! Paprika Pattern seems to use blocks for people a lot taller than me!

Summary: I really like the cardigan look. I want to make Opal another time, this time in a more sturdy fabric to see how the pattern changes with the fabric choice!

What about you? What’s your favorite Cardigan pattern?

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  1. Looks great, love the colour!

  2. It looks amazing! I love your entire outfit.

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