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Hello all!

I was all set for spring: the tulips and bellflowers were blooming, I had taken the first ride on my standup paddle board, and on my cutting table I had laid out a beautiful flowery viscose and a shirt dress pattern. And then winter came back. At the end of April, it snowed so much in Munich that there was a white blanket on all the spring flowers and trees. I was imagining thick, cozy sweaters instead of light, flowery dresses – and couldn’t stop thinking about the great sweat fabric that I recently bought in Edinburgh. After finishing my first berry-coloured Toaster #1, I had been planning on making another version with thicker material anyway – and the terrible weather gave me the chance to do that now instead of next fall (great opportunity for my stash, as the sweat takes up a loooot of space in the closet).

SewHouse7 Toaster#1 sitting

So, viscose and sweat fabric were swapped, and I started cutting SewHouse7’s Toaster #1. This time I chose size XS. According to the sizing chart, I would need size S – but when I cut my first version in that size, I ended up having to shave off 1,5cm on both side seams. The new size fit much better, especially around the shoulders. Although there is a lot of fabric on the back piece this time. That proved to me that I definitely have to try a sway back adjustment with my next garment – narrowing the side seams seems to have taken care of the problem in my first version, so I didn’t think about it when I cut this one. But well – Toaster #1 is supposed to be a cozy, relaxed sweater anyway, so I am not too bothered by the wide fit.

SewHouse7 Toaster #1 forward


SewHouse7 Toaster#1 and Audrey

Sewing the piece went really quick this time – I knew what I was doing, and as I made no changes to the pattern, I was done after two hours. Because it went so quickly, and I still had “sewing time” left over, I decided to finish all seams with my machine’s fake serger stitch. I had already experimented a little with that stitch, but since it takes forever to finish a seam with it, I had always been too lazy to use it. But I am glad I did this time – the inside of the sweater looks so much tidier!

SewHouse7 Toaster #1 Inside


SewHouse7 Toaster #1 Fake Serger Seam

And interestingly enough, the stitch or, better, the amount of yarn used to do it, lends a much better stability to the seam allowances. That and the thicker fabric took care of a problem I had with my berry-coloured Toaster #1: no more ugly bumps at the seam between sleeve and wristbands! I think next time I will try cutting back the seam allowances to 0,5cm before sewing and the just using the fake serger stitch to do the entire seam. Then sewing should be even quicker! But on to the Flying-Needle-Summary for my second Toaster #1:

Pattern: Toaster #1 from SewHouse7

Fabric: lightgrey sweat fabric from Remnant Kings (bought during my „Fabric Haul“ in Edinburgh)

Changes made: none

Summary: I am even happier with my second Toaster than my first – a great cozy sweater and a quick sew!

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  1. Your toaster sweater is gorgeous! It looks so lovely and warm.

    1. Melanie

      Thank you! Let’s hope that I won’t need it until fall ;-)!

  2. I love it! Thanks for sharing on craft schooling Sunday, great to see you!

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