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Molly and my sewing chaos

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Normally, I am a very organised person. So much so that my friends actually make fun of me. I have to-do-lists for every part of my life, I love spending hours on Tripadvisor in order to plan a perfect vacation, and all my Christmas presents are already bought and wrapped in October (okay, maybe not all…). Anyways, „organised“ is probably the first description that you’ll get about me if you ask around. But somehow, that does not translate to my little sewing world… Any sewing plans I make are usually overthrown the second I see a new pattern on instagram/on a blog/in a magazine. No beautiful bullet journals with fabric swatches and carefully laid out spring/summer/fall wardrobes for me!

Sewing wise, I operate purely on impulse – and it normally takes me ages to start a project that I intended to make the moment I bought the pattern. My Molly Top definitely falls into that category: I wanted to make it right after buying Sew Over It’s ebook „My Capsule Wardrobe: City Break“ (by the way, a GREAT ebook with five mix-and-match patterns that are all you need on said city break). A few weeks later, I even purchased the fabric – this jersey (called “Make-Up“) somehow made me think of Paris (with the red lipstick and all), and as all the ebook’s pictures are shot in Paris, it seemed the perfect match! And then…. I decided to rather work on other projects.

I made the Alex Shirt Dress from the ebook some months later, but Molly somehow slipped down on the project list. Making Alex was a good notion, though, because I realized that I need a sway back adjustment on Sew Over It patterns (or on all patterns, actually). On Alex, this is not so noticeable due to the loose fit, but on Molly pooling fabric at the back would definitely not look so nice. So, weirdly enough, that spurred me into action – I made a wearable muslin for Molly, measured the necessary adjustments and then went to work on my „Paris fabric“. And, as always, now I don’t know what took me so long – I love my Molly top! It’s such a nice, comfy top, and the sleeve construction makes for an interesting detail. I really like the way the neckband lies as well – lovely neckline, and the width of the band means that you could make it into a design feature if you were so inclined (I am thinking contrasting fabric or stripes that run a different direction than in the bodice).

I am always amazed by the fit of the Sew Over It patterns – either my body matches their blocks, or Lisa really knows what she is doing (or both of course)! The only issue I have with Molly is the hem. The instructions call for a 1cm hem that is folded over and then stitched in place. I chose a decorative stretch stitch instead of zick-zack or a twin needle, and the hem just doesn’t stay in place. It always flips over. Anyone have any idea why it does that? Could the problem be solved by using a twin needle? I was thinking of using some interfacing on my next Molly, but with the slight curve of the hem line that might  prove difficult.

We’ll see how it goes – because I am definitely making another one of these. I even have the pattern pieces already cut out. So, about six to ten other projects will probably get into the way, but I am confident I’ll have another Molly to show you in about a year or so ;-). On to the Flying Needle Sewing Blog Summary:

Pattern: Top Molly from Sew Over It’s ebook Capsule Wardrobe City Trip

Fabric: Single jersey “Make-Up”, bought at

Changes made: Sway Back adjustment of 3cm, shortened the pattern by 5cm

Summary: I love Molly! The pattern went straight to my TNT stash, and I am sure I will make it again.

If anyone has a solution on my „hem problem“, I’d be happy if you leave a comment below!

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  1. I love this top so much! The fabric is just perfect and the fit is spot on.

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