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Maxi, Maxi Skirt!

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Hello all!

Last week I told you about my fabric shopping adventures in Vienna. In the end, I was very, very disciplined and only bought one lovely pink cotton fabric with flowers at Komolka. When I bought it, I was thinking about the pyjama pants from Tilly and the Buttons’ book “Love at First Stitch”… but the longer the fabric was laying on my table, the louder it was whispering “maxi skirt…. maxi skirt… maxi skirt…” Which is weird, because I never, ever wear maxi skirts. I am quite short, and maxi skirts make me feel like I am disappearing in the fabric. But if a fabric is so certain what it wants to be, you have to give in, don’t you?

So I went searching for a nice pattern. Not so easy, I can tell you! I got a lot of good tips from my Instagram friends (eg the Gabriola Skirt from Sewaholic or the Fumeterre Skirt from Deer and Doe Patterns), but none of those worked with my fabric. Finally, I found a skirt pattern on the Burda website. I was just about to purchase it, when I remembered a book my father recently gave me (he manages a sewing book publishing company). So I checked that book, and wouldn’t you know it: The first pattern was one for a maxi skirt, and it looked absolutely perfect! That just goes to show that it’s a good idea to go through your stock first, before buying patterns that you already own ;-).

The book doesn’t include pattern sheets, but you rather get a PDF download via a QR code. I printed off the PDF and went straight to work. I made two changes while cutting the paper pattern pieces: I lengthened the skirt a little bit (I REALLY wanted to go maxi!) and I added seam pockets. For the latter, I used the pattern piece from my Clemence skirt by Tilly and The Buttons. Initially, I was set on pattern matching the different “steps” of the skirt, but I soon realized that I would need all of my two meters of fabric – pattern matching was impossible!

As soon as I started sewing, it occurred to me that matching would have been a stupid idea anyway. The different “steps” of the skirt are gathered, so you wouldn’t be able to get a proper match. All in all, my maxi skirt was a quick sew – with cutting, the whole thing took me about 2 hours. The waist is shaped by a rubber band, so you need no darts, no zipper and no buttons. I didn’t have anything planned for the rest of the day, so I wore my new skirt around the house. It took me a little while to get used to the length, but I love the swishy sound the fabric makes when I move! And I love the fact that I don’t have to put any suntan lotion on my legs when wearing the skirt – a definite plus! I think this will become a real summer wardrobe staple. On to the Flying Needle sewing blog summary:

Pattern: maxi skirt from one of my sewing books; seam pockets from the Clemence skirt of Tilly and The Buttons

Fabric: cotton bought at Komolka in Vienna (read more about my fabric shopping trip to Vienna!)

Changes made: I lengthened the skirt and included seam pockets

Summary: I really like my maxi skirt – I don’t think I will make another one any time soon, as one is probably enough. But you never know – if the right fabric comes my way…

Do you have any favourite maxi skirt patterns? If so, please leave a comment and share – next time I come across a decisive fabric, I might be glad for the inspiration :-)!

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