Burda Style Vintage Tina Kleid aus den 60igern
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A tribute to ABBA: Burda Vintage dress Tina

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Today I want to show you something a little bit different – a project that is not very wearable, but that holds a very dear place in my sewing heart: The chiffon dress Tina from Burda Style Vintage. I made this dress back in the beginning of 2016, when I had just about learned how to sew. A friend of mine was hosting an ABBA karaoke party for her birthday, and I had bought the Burda Style Vintage magazine a couple of days earlier (I don’t know if they have that outside of Germany – here, Burda launches a Vintage magazine every year, focusing on different time periods; mine is for the Sixties).

Burda Style Vintage Kleid Tina Ärmel


Burda Style Vintage Kleid Tina Nahaufnahme

I instantly fell in love with the pattern for a chiffon dress with trumpet sleeves, and I really wanted to make that for the party. Enter my totally unexperienced beginner sewing self: I had no idea how difficult it can be to work with chiffon, especially if you pair it with slippery lining fabric, an invisible zipper and a bias binding neckline finish.

Burda Style Vintage Kleid Tina flattert im Wind


Burda Style Vintage Kleid Tina von nahem

So I forged ahead, bought all the supplies, fought through the Burda pattern tracing jungle and even made some flat pattern adjustments on the traced pattern. Because, you know, I had just read Joi Mahons book “Create the perfect fit”, and how difficult could it be?! (I sometimes really long to be my over-confident beginner self again :-)) Turns out, not difficult at all – the dress fits like a glove.

Burda Style Vintage Kleid Tina von hinten

And since I took my time with the fabric, cut the chiffon in single layer and just basted and unpicked for hours, the whole thing turned out really well! Even in hindsight – I don’t know how I did it, but this dress is made up better than some of my newer makes. And that just goes to show: Never be afraid of sewing with supposedly “difficult” fabrics or trying new techniques. Just go for it, and you will end up either with a great result or be proud that you tried something new! That being said, let’s get on to the Flying Needle Sewing Blog Summary:

Pattern: Vintage Chiffon Dress Tina from Burda Style

Fabric: Chiffon and lining, both bought from German fabric store Butinette, but unfortunately not in stock anymore

Changes Made: I made the size 34, shortened it by about 7cm and took away a little bit from the waist of the back panels; I also graded the whole thing out to size 36 at the hips

Summary: I am really, really proud of this dress. But: I don’t think I will make another one. There are only so many occasions for a mini dress with trumpet sleeves in my life! (And I can tell you, the last Halloween Party did not turn out to be one of these occasions – we had raclette, and my sleeves kept getting stuck in the cheese J)

What about you? Of what makes are you especially proud? Leave a comment and share your experience with us!

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Burda Style Vintage Tina


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  1. Often special projects are the best ones even if they don’t get much wear! This looks great

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